Biblical Counseling

“…that we may present every man mature in Christ.”

Colossians 1:28

At Fairview Bible Church, we believe that the Bible was designed for our practical instruction and is sufficient to equip and mature believers. Being the defining authority for doctrine and discipleship, the Bible, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit and the caring body of Christ, is sufficient for every spiritual, relational, or emotional problem.

Offering biblical counsel is one component of the church’s mission to make disciples of Christ—to see people come to know Christ and to make Him known. Our goal in counseling is not to remove any and all difficulty from life, but to offer comfort, hope, and wise counsel in order to help people respond to trials in a way that glorifies Christ, and causes the believer to grow to better know, love, and obey Christ.

As with all discipleship, the majority of counseling is done informally, on an ongoing basis, in the daily life of the body of Christ. If you'd like to meet for counsel for a specific situation, please feel free to contact Pastor Preston.

Helpful Counseling Resources

David Powlison helpfully summarizes what biblical counseling is all about in this statement of affirmations and denials. If you are interested in learning more about what biblical counseling is, what it’s about and for, and why Fairview Bible Church is committed to it, consider these helpful resources.*
* While these are helpful resources, the elders don't necessarily endorse all content included within each.